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Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Should Be A Rich Man

Every rich man is a great man.Are you a rich man?Then you are great man!Or are you a great man,then you must be a rich man.Today,everybody supposed to be great,because everybody supposed to have access to some riches.Because,he that works has access to money.And everybody supposed to have a good source of income,work.However,the nature of individual works could be different in terms of effort ,capital,technical or intellectual intensiveness.
Which one do you think could be the best?Yes!You are right!The one You have access to and that is fetching you your daily bread or daily need.But I have this for you.It intellectually intensive.No stress,no strain.You work at your leisure time.You could choose to make it full time or part time it depends on you.It depend on how much you want and how long you want your freedom to be.It all depend on how you want it.It is a work at home.It is a cool way of making money.You decide how much you want.All You need to do is...well
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Money has created a special nitch for itself in human life.It has gone to the extent that man cannot do without it.Generally described as legal tender,money is the only generally acceptable medium of exchange for good and services as well as means of settling debts.Some even described it a dead that enliven.That is non-living that inject live into dying soul.
There is no gainsaying that everybody on the earth today needs money.90% struggle of man is directed to money and its relatives,immaterial of amount or quantity of which man is ready to go extra miles in search of it.Why are people in desperate search of money?This a general question every man has different answers to.Some are struggling to have enough money just to meet up their family requirements,though due to the insatiable nature of man,after they might have got enough to keep the family going,man will still be looking for more.While some are having the intention of oppressing others with it,some are having the intention of dabbling into politics.Can you go into politics without money?
Because of the importance of money as an inevitable commodity to live with and because of different target man is having of getting the money,man is subjected to two questions,How do i get money?
Where can i get money?These two questions have been the major pilot that drives man to different walks of life.Nay, it has resulted in sending man off his town or even country.
However,weather one leave his town  or country or go  in to studying one course or the other or join an apprehenticeship,does not determine your success of getting money,or how much you got.Can't we say money is a myth.
However,you can start a successful journey to the wonder land of  making cool money;just

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